Dahlia Hill would not exist without its volunteer members. Every year, over 50 people spend hundreds of hours maintaining the garden. In the spring, a month is spent sorting, planting and selling the tubers. Throughout the summer, weeding, staking and deadheading are done weekly. The first frost in autumn brings several more weeks of digging, dividing, labeling and storing the tubers for winter.

A volunteer Board of Directors governs the Dahlia Hill Society. In addition to the above duties, members of the Board help to design the yearly planting plan for the garden, head various committees and lead two annual membership meetings.

Dahlia Hill is recognized as a volunteer project by the Midland County Master Gardeners. Master Gardeners can either become members of the society or work with a member. Membership in the Dahlia Hill Society includes free tubers every spring and limited cutting of flowers in the fall. New members are always welcome. The only membership fee is the time worked in the garden. If interested, please fill out an application form or call us for more information.