1966 Crisann Breed gave her mother yellow and red dahlia tubers for Mother's Day. Her father, Charles Breed, planted the tubers and began a life-long love affair with dahlias.

1992 Bill Fisher owned hillside property on Main Street, next to Charles Breed's design studio. The property was an ideal site for development, but had been vacant for several years. Charles requested permission to plant dahlias on the property and Bill agreed. With 1,700 tubers from Charles and 200 yards of topsoil contributed by Bill, they began Dahlia Hill.

1997 Charles built a new studio and gallery with a workroom for meetings and tuber storage. Bill enlarged the garden area and installed a sprinkler system.

1998-2000 The Dahlia Hill Society of Midland was founded as a nonprofit organization. The society raised money from foundations and private donors to purchase the hill property for $175,000 from the Fisher Contracting Company.

2002 The first Board of Directors was elected and an Administrative Director was hired.

2006-2007 Because of continuing problems with erosion, money was raised from individuals and area foundations and Dahlia Hill was terraced.

2008 The terracing project was dedicated and four cast aluminum sculptures were made by Charles Breed and donated to Dahlia Hill.

2009-2010 Dahlia Hill's terracing project received the Bette R. Toller Civic Commitment Award and the Keep Michigan Beautiful President's Plaque.

2013 The American Dahlia Society presented a President's Award to Charles Breed and Dahlia Hill.